Giglio Joins Press Conference Calling for Drug Abuse Prevention Legislation

Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio (R,C-Riverhead) joined fellow Assemblymember Steve Stern, Sen. Anthony Palumbo, Sen. Dean Murray, Sen. Steven D. Rhoads and multiple representatives of the law enforcement community for a press conference highlighting their plans to combat drug abuse and the ongoing opioid epidemic in New York state.

A series of four proposals is set to be introduced by the representatives. The first is an offer to return judicial discretion to local justices in order to grant them the power to set bail on any defendant who sells fentanyl and other synthetic opioids.

The second is called the ‘Death by Dealer’ statute, a measure set to create the crime of selling a controlled substance that resulted in a death.

The third is a move that would criminalize the street drug xylazine, which is often spiked together with others and results in disastrous effects including the loss of skin and even death.

The fourth and final proposal discussed at the press conference detailed creating an amendment in the executive law to include family members of fatal overdoses and specifically highlights how they could be eligible for financial compensation for expenses including funeral bills, grief counseling or other services.

“The new year is a chance to re-focus the conversation of drug abuse back to where it should be: support of victims and punishment of those who profit off them,” Giglio said. “New York has long claimed to be a fighter of drug abuse, but year after year opioid deaths increase, statewide and nationally, and this government needs to take responsibility and step up to fight them. I’m grateful to my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate and to all our local partners and advocates, for their voices of support in the fight against this epidemic.”

“We owe it to our state to fight for our people in the midst of an opioid crisis. I am just as committed as ever to taking that fight to Albany and making sure your voices are heard,” Giglio concluded.