Giglio Demands Relief for Nursing Homes Residents and Families

Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio (R,C,I-Riverhead) is calling on Assembly Majority to bring a bill (A.1052B) to vote on the Assembly Floor to allow designated caregivers visiting access to nursing home patients. Compassionate caregivers are currently restricted from visitation, and Giglio is adamant that these caring and hardworking people be given the right to see their loved ones. As with hospital patients, caregivers can be screened and tested for COVID prior to entrance.

“It is appalling that we’ve gone a year and these restrictions are still in place,” Giglio said. “These unfortunate people are isolated from their families, the nursing home staff is criminally overworked and under-supported, and the common human element is being ignored. Families deserve to be reunited, and nursing home caregivers given the support they need. This isn’t an issue of politics or lawmaking; this is about common human decency.”