Mikulin to Feds: Stop Sending Migrants

Assemblyman John Mikulin (R,C-Bethpage) joined colleagues from the Assembly Minority Conference today at a press conference to share their solutions for the migrant crisis created by the expiration of Title 42. With the number of migrants exceeding New York City’s expectations, migrants are now being bused to communities throughout New York state – whether they are welcome or not.

“As a New Yorker, I am proud of our immigrant history, and I will continue to support legal immigration—but not this. Our federal government must stop sending migrants to New York as the city is overwhelmed already, and that cannot be extended to communities across the state that did not agree to sanctuary status. My message is simple and clear: stop sending migrants.”

Mikulin is a sponsor of the four bills announced at today’s press conference, which will:

  • Provide oversight of humanitarian aid funding through reports from the governor to the state Legislature as well as by allowing the comptroller the ability to audit expenditures;
  • Safeguard schools, daycares and community-based organizations from being used as shelters for migrants as migrants have no documentation or background checks;
  • Prioritize veterans, including homeless veterans, from having hotel reservations canceled in order for a hotel to accept migrants; and
Protect the community by requiring migrants to register with the state of New York to assist with background checks and process migrants’ asylum applications.