Walsh Votes against Record-High One-House Proposal

Statement from Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R,C-Ballston) following her vote on Assembly Majority’s Budget Proposal

“Today, we voted on the Assembly Majority’s One-House Budget Proposal that totaled $233 billion and would add $6 billion to the governor’s already record-high proposal. The continued increase in the budget each year is not a sustainable model. The governor and legislative Majorities see fit to raise taxes once again, while everyday New Yorkers continue to struggle with persistent inflation, a shaky stock market and now fears surrounding the banking system.

“Historically-high spending, tax increases and no fixes for so-called ‘bail reform’ laws; there is no way I could vote in support of the Assembly Majority’s One-House Budget Proposal.

“However, there are always elements within the proposal that I do support, including the cost-of-living adjustment increase for human services workers and the increases in aidable salary of BOCES program staff, library aid, library construction aid and the TAP threshold. I am hopeful that when all is said and done, these pieces of the One-House wish list are sustained in the 2023-24 Enacted Budget.

“As the governor, Assembly speaker and Senate majority leader negotiate, it is my hope that the overall price tag comes down and is more reflective of the financial hardships our state residents are feeling. At the end of the day, it is the taxpayer who pays for these budgets, and we must work together to put forth a package that best serves you.”