Walsh: We Will Not Leave Our Students in The Shadows

Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R,C-Ballston) attended a press conference in Albany today to express reservations regarding the discontinuation of the “hold harmless” provision in the governor’s Executive Budget proposal, leading to a decrease in school aid for certain school districts across the state. The press conference was led by Walsh, Assemblyman Doug Smith (R,C-Holbrook), Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square), Wells Central School District Superintendent Thomas Sincavage, Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School District Superintendent Timothy Mundell, Averill Park School Board of Education member Michelle Garofolo and members of the Assembly Minority Conference.

“The looming threat of year-to-year reductions in Foundation Aid for several school districts poses a significant risk to the overall well-being of our education system, including cuts in programs, a reduction in teaching staff and diminished support staff. As state leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure the fair allocation of resources, address the diverse needs of our communities and safeguard the future of our students. Gov. Hochul’s budget priorities need careful reconsideration, particularly in light of the pressing challenges faced by our education sector,” Walsh said.

“Proposing reductions in Foundation Aid for 50% of the state’s schools raises serious questions about the state’s commitment to our students. Beyond the financial intricacies, the ramifications of Gov. Hochul’s budget decisions extend to the very households our education system serves. The direct translation from these budgetary decisions to tangible impacts on the students and families who rely on a well-supported education system is one we cannot ignore,” Walsh concluded.

Walsh encourages community members to sign the Assembly Minority’s petition to urge New Yorkers to unite in their calls for the governor to stop short-changing New York’s students and reinstate school aid.