Assemblymember Wallace: Budget Supports Infrastructure and Assists Local Governments

“If there is one thing all New Yorkers agree on, it is the need to maintain safe and stable infrastructure. With this spending plan, I helped deliver billions in state funds to repair our roads and bridges and support local governments. Every dollar of state funds returned to this community helps reduce burdens on local taxpayers.

“For the first time in 15 years, local governments are receiving an increase in state funding via the aid and incentives to municipalities program (AIM), which is increasing $50 million for a total of $758 million. The budget also restores hundreds of millions in state funds to pave our roads, fill potholes, maintain bridges, and more. The state budget provides nearly $600 million for the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program, $150 million for PAVE NY, $150 million for the Pave Our Potholes program, $100 million for Extreme Winter Recovery, and $200 million for BRIDGE NY. Another $44 million will go toward supporting capital improvements in our libraries, which is an increase of $10 million over last year.

“This budget also provides $500 million for clean water infrastructure. Since I’ve been in office, communities in my Assembly District have received over $25 million in clean water funds to maintain our water and sewer lines and reduce pollution in local streams, particularly Scajaquada Creek. These funds will bolster our continued efforts with state, federal, and nonprofit partners to reverse decades of degradation and restore this waterway for local residents and wildlife.

“I’m proud to have helped deliver a budget that provides state funding for programs that will directly benefit residents in our community.As a homeowner and parent in this community, I know how important it is to protect our infrastructure and resources for generations to come.”