Assemblyman Ramos Against Proposed 45% Toll Increase for Big Trucks

“There is nothing ‘modest’ about the proposed 45 percent Thruway toll increase for big trucks. At a time when gas prices are high, businesses are struggling to get by, and are having a hard enough time paying to transport their goods from Point A to Point B, this rate increase is potentially crippling. The proposed increase would raise costs of consumer goods.”

“I understand that our infrastructure needs to be repaired, but the extreme increase will have a negative impact on working families.”

The State Thruway Authority recently gave preliminary approval to raise tolls 45 percent on big trucks with three or more axles, with the possibility of more toll increases for all drivers in the future. The toll hike would add about $20 for a Thruway trip between Buffalo and Albany, and nearly $40 for a trip from Buffalo to New York City. Tolls for the Thruway were last raised about 25 percent in 2010 for all drivers.