Assemblyman Ramos’ Bill Making Suffolk Courts More Efficient Passes Assembly

Legislation will save Suffolk County millions and reduce overcrowding in local jails

In an effort to streamline government and save the county money, Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D-Brentwood) announced that a bill he sponsored to establish a Traffic and Parking Violations Bureau (TPVB) in Suffolk County passed the Assembly (A.9539-C).

“Establishing a TPVB is an important step toward reducing the overload in Suffolk courts,” Assemblyman Ramos said. “The backlog created by the tremendous number of traffic and parking violations hit the poor the hardest by postponing their day in court. Creating a TPVB will speed up the judicial process and ensure that justice is quickly served.”

Steve Bellone, Suffolk County Executive said, “The Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau will improve efficiency and help balance the budget. The fact that Assemblyman Ramos has moved this legislation forward demonstrates that we have effective leaders who can get things done for Suffolk County.”

An agency of this type would serve to assist the district court in the administration and disposition of traffic and parking infractions and help to lessen the backlog of unanswered and unpaid traffic and parking summonses. It would also help reduce overcrowding issues, both in Suffolk courts and local jails.

According to a report by the Suffolk County Coordinating Council of Criminal Justice, 40 percent of cases handled by district courts relate to traffic tickets. As of last year, the delay in disposition of these matters was projected to increase from 12 months to at least 24 months.

“As backlog increases, Suffolk County jails fill up, straining congested local jails and costing the county millions of dollars,” Assemblyman Ramos said. “With Suffolk County’s deficit hovering around $530 million for 2013, making our courts more efficient will go a long way toward closing the gap.”