Ramos Announces Crucial Education Funding, After-School Program in Assembly’s Budget Proposal

“We’ve seen our fair share of ups and downs with local schools here in our Long Island community, but we’ve raised our voices against things we saw needed change and we’re on a great path. The Assembly’s proposal continues my commitment to fighting for you and providing our children with quality education for future success. The overall proposal provides a $2.13 billion increase in education funding – including critical funding for foundation aid and the complete elimination of the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA).

“In addition to this, we’ve worked to bolster our after-school programs by including $7 million in our proposal. And in our efforts to help working parents, we’ve provided $75 million more to increase access to quality child care.

“This boost in education, childcare and after-school funds – combined with the defeated plan of the proposed Long Island Children’s Academy charter school – are welcome news for our Suffolk schools this week. I’m proud to have worked alongside so many parents, teachers and community members in helping put our children’s education at the top of the agenda.”