Ramos Calls On Parents and Children to Read This Summer

In today’s world, reading often competes with television, video games, and the Internet. While kids enjoy these things, it’s also important kids and parents experience the simple joy of reading. That’s why I am calling on children and parents to participate in the Assembly’s Summer Reading Challenge, a program designed to encourage children to continue reading all summer long.

Children can earn a New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate if they read with a parent for 15 minutes a day, for at least 40 days during July and August.

Reading improves communication skills and keeps the mind sharp to meet high educational standards. It also gives families quality time together, which can be a rarity with today’s busy schedules. Most of all, the challenge will help your children develop a lifelong love of books.

The Assembly’s Summer Reading Challenge is a wonderful way to keep kids reading for a lifetime and to establish a solid foundation for learning. Your local library is a great resource to build a reading list. To ensure that public libraries are able to provide invaluable services, the Assembly has consistently fought for a solid investment in public libraries.

The Assembly’s Summer Reading Challenge and support for public libraries are part of my ongoing effort to keep kids reading and learning. This year, the Assembly successfully restored the governor’s proposed $13.3 million cut to public libraries. So utilize your local public library and have fun exploring the fascinating world of books.

Students and parents interested in taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge can write me at 1010 Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood, NY 11717; send me an e-mail at ramosp@assembly.state.ny.us; or call my district office at (631) 435-3214.

For more information on the Summer Reading Challenge, click here.