Assemblywoman Sarah Clark Announces Her Support for an Impeachment Investigation Against Governor Andrew Cuomo

Rochester, NY On Thursday, the Assembly Majority Conference announced a new impeachment investigation into the allegations of misconduct against Governor Cuomo. I support this investigation because it is time to hold Governor Cuomo accountable for his actions, and given his reluctance to step down, this is the necessary next step.

I continue to believe the Governor should resign given the totality of these very real and concerning allegations. This is not about politics but about what’s best for our state moving forward. As stated before, the fallout from his actions have caused careers to be derailed, trust and boundaries to be violated, and lives to be severely impacted from the resulting trauma. We must hold our elected officials to the highest standards and have trust for those in positions of power. Women must be heard and believed when they tell their stories.

Let us not forget that sexual harassment allegations are not the only scandal that the governor is facing. He is also being investigated for covering-up and manipulating data regarding nursing home deaths during the pandemic, which his administration has also admitted to. Public trust in the Governor as our leader has deteriorated substantially in the past several weeks. Now is the time for transparency and accountability so that our state begins to heal and rebuild from this pandemic.