Ruth B. Turner Appointed to New York State Board of Regents

Rochester, NY - On behalf of the New York State Senate and Assembly, the Rochester area state delegation is excited to announce the appointment of Ruth B. Turner to the Board of Regents for a one-year term. The Board is composed of seventeen members elected by the legislature. One member is elected from each of the state’s thirteen judicial districts, and four members serve at-large, Ruth will serve the 7th Judicial District, covering the eight-county Rochester region. As a delegation, we also want to acknowledge and thank the impressive applicants that came forward for their commitment to our children and education.

Ruth Turner has more than sixteen years of experience working in large urban school systems.Most recently, Ruth has been providing leadership and oversight of all programs and services within the Department of Student Support Services in the Rochester City School District. She has also monitored the My Brother’s Keeper grant and helped implement the new code of conduct in 2016 that has drastically reduced the number of suspensions district wide.

Along with her school administration experience, Ruth is also a licensed Clinical Social Worker, bringing much needed experience in restorative practices, implicit bias, culturally relevant methods and social and emotional learning. She understands the needs of our diverse student populations across New York. On behalf of our educators, students, and families, Ruth will bring an authentic and trusted community voice to the Board of Regents. 

Senator Samra Brouk, SD-55: "I am very excited that Ruth Turner will be joining the New York State Board of Regents and look forward to working with her to meet the needs of students across the state. Ruth brings a wealth of experience to the position, both in academics and in the community, and she will be a powerful and trusted voice on the Board. Her deep understanding of students' needs both in and out of the classroom is a vital asset to our students, families, and school communities."

Senator Jeremy Cooney, SD-56: “The appointment of Ruth Turner is great news for the entire Rochester region. This is a time where our education system needs strong leadership and Ms. Turner’s dedication to students will pay dividends to the region. Her longstanding commitment to fostering success inside and outside of the classroom is a perfect fit for this role, and will greatly benefit our students, families, and educators."

Assemblywoman Sarah Clark, AD 136: “This is an exciting day. I have known Ruth for years and truly believe she is the right person at the right time to join the New York State Board of Regents.Her authentic voice and deep roots in the community come at a juncture when strong and thoughtful leadership is desperately needed for our schools. Her commitment to academic success, and experience fostering the social and emotional wellbeing of all, will serve our students, families and educators incredibly well.

 Assemblymember Harry Bronson, AD 138:“Today marks a great day for our children’s education and the way we address the challenges faced by our students. I am honored to join my colleagues in welcoming Ruth Turner in becoming a member of the NYS Board of Regents. Ms. Turner’s background as an educator and therapist brings into focus that schools are not only in the education business; they are also in the mental health business. She understands the role teachers, administrators, school counsellors, social workers, nurses and psychologists all play in assisting our students’ success. Ruth Turner knows that the intersectionality of education and mental health services provide a significant benefit to students, their families, mental health providers, and the school community.”

Assemblywoman Jen Lunsford, AD 135: "We are so fortunate to have someone as experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable as Ruth to join the Board of Regents for the Rochester region. This is a critical time for our schools and for our community to come together and lay the groundwork for a more vibrant future - and Ruth has the tenacity and leadership to guide us there. She deeply understands the needs of our students, parents and teachers - and has a holistic approach to education that will set us on a more stable and sustainable path forward."

Assemblymember Demond Meeks, AD 137: "The Board of Regents has gained a great asset. Ruth is a strong leader and educator who knows the community's immediate needs. Her experience working with Black and Brown children in historically underserved communities brings optimism to Rochester’s families. I'm hopeful that Ruth will be a catalyst for overdue change in our schools.We are so blessed."

Ruth B. Turner, LCSW, M. Ed: “I am honored and humbled to serve on the NYS Board of Regents. This opportunity will grant me the ability to continue the work of advocating for quality and transformative education. Almost 67 years after Brown v. Board of Education, education remains the Civil Rights issue of our time and I am personally committed to doing my part to influence change. Teaching and educational approaches that address, nurture, and engage with the whole child are essential to ensuring quality care and education for all students.

The Board of Regents was established in 1784 and is the oldest, continuous state education entity in the United States. The Regents are responsible for the general oversight of all educational activities within the state, presiding over The University of the State of New York and the State Education Department.