Latimer & Otis Oppose Border Toll Proposal in Connecticut Legislature

Senator George Latimer and Assemblyman Steve Otis came out in opposition to a proposal making its way through the Connecticut State Legislature that would install tolls at the border of New York and Connecticut.

An independent study prepared for a Connecticut state agency showed that the placement of these tolls would cause an additional 14,000 cars per day to drive through Port Chester and Byram before getting back onto the highway after avoiding the toll. The proposal is designed to help close a $225 million deficit in the Connecticut Transportation budget.

Latimer and Otis sent a letter to NYS Transportation and Thruway Authority officials urging them to help combat the unnecessary burden on New York drivers in border areas.

"There is no reason to create this additional burden on local infrastructure and the efficiency of emergency services," Senator Latimer stated. "The local roads in this area are already quite congested, and the additional traffic would cause a significant delay to any travelers in this area at peak hours. More importantly, these two bridges provide the only access for local emergency vehicles including ambulances bring residents to the Greenwich Hospital. Therefore, this traffic congestion could cause a real harm to public safety.

Assemblyman Otis stated, “The location proposed for this toll invites a massive diversion of traffic onto local roads and is completely unacceptable. We will do everything we can stop a toll at this location and are seeking the assistance of New York State transportation officials in our cause.”

Connecticut's Governor, Daniel Malloy, has not taken a formal position on the bill that is currently before the Joint Transportation Committee.