Assemblyman Charles D. Fall Works with NYCHA to Expedite Cooking Gas Problems & Provide Shared Community Kitchens at Stapleton Houses

Since the summer of 2021, NYS Assemblyman Charles D. Fall (D-Richmond) has been diligently working with the city administration and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to expedite and rectify the problem of cooking gas service interruption that has impacted approximately 100 families living at 181 Gordon Street – Stapleton Houses NYCHA. Being in the holiday season, the Assemblyman has advocated and pushed for NYCHA to identify an interim solution to provide residents with the capabilities to cook and feed their families, aside from using the hot plates and slow cookers provided to residents by NYCHA earlier in the year.

Residents of 181 Gordon Street have been looking for clear answers regarding when work would be complete in the building and have advocated for NYCHA to supplement cooking equipment supplies – separate from the hot plates and slow cookers. After numerous discussions with leadership at NYCHA, Assemblyman Fall is pleased to announce that the city administration/NYCHA will decrease the project timetable; with a completion of work expected within 3-4 months rather than 6-7 months. Also, in the interim, Assemblyman Fall worked with NYCHA to identify vacant units within 181 Gordon Street to allow residents effected by the service interruption to use the community kitchens while the matter is being rectified. This family style solution is only meant to be a short-term fix, and NYCHA has agreed to maintain the units and sanitize per COVID protocols.

Assemblyman Fall and members of his staff will be conducting outreach to residents of 181 Gordon Street to determine whether there are additional concerns that need to be addressed.

“This is an issue that needed to be addressed prior to the start of this scale of a repair project. Understanding NYCHA must comply with local laws regarding gas pipe maintenance, etc., we, as government officials, must work to not only protect NYCHA residents but also ensure that they have adequate living arrangements. I applaud NYCHA for working with me and my office to offer a temporary solution and expedite the timeframe to complete the repair project at Stapleton Houses”, said Assemblyman Charles D. Fall