Assemblyman Fall Starts a Petition to Rename Stapleton Park After the Late Reverend Maggie Howard

Yesterday, Assemblyman Charles D. Fall (D-Richmond) drafted a petition requesting Stapleton Park, located near PS 78 and across from UAME Church to be renamed ‘The Reverend Maggie Howard Park’ in recognition to the life and contributions of the late Reverend Maggie Howard.

Reverend Howard was a well-known figure to the North Shore/Stapleton community, especially to those who are neglected, addicted, hungry and homeless. She assured that the place of worship – Stapleton UAME – where she preached was a beacon of hope and healing, serving as pastor, mother, friend and counselor.

“I want to first, express my sincere condolences to the family of Reverend. Maggie Howard and to the congregation of UAME Church located on Tompkins Avenue.

The countless contributions that Reverend Maggie Howard has provided to the community can’t be listed. She always put others above herself and has brought about a sense of hope, faith and healing during difficult and good times.

We have received over 400 signatures since we started the petition less than 24 hours ago, which only shows the outward expression of gratitude for the Reverend. I am asking for the communities continued support in renaming Stapleton Park after the beloved Reverend Maggie Howard. Please contact my office at 718-442-9932 for more information.