Assemblyman Fall Corrects His Voting Record on Discharged Firearm Legislation

Back on June 8, 2020 the New York State Legislature passed a series of bills addressing the need to bring about transparency and accountability on the topic of racial justice. Most of the legislative package was passed by the Assembly and Senate and went on to the Governor for passage into law.

It was recently reported that Assemblyman Fall voted negative on A.10608 which requires that state, local police and peace officers, whether on or off duty, must report to a supervisor within six hours of a discharge of a service revolver under circumstances where a person could have been struck. The floor vote record shows that the bill was voted 105-39, with Assemblyman Fall voting in the affirmative.

“I believe it is important to correct any mistake, especially when it comes to my voting record. The legislation that we passed back in June of this year has significant importance to all New Yorkers in bringing about transparency between communities and law enforcement. That is why I voted in the affirmative on the full racial justice package, including A.10608,” said Assemblyman Charles D. Fall

If you wish to view the voting record on this legislation, you may follow the link. For an accurate account of members vote, the vote is listed to the right of the members name.

Click here to view the floor votes in the Assembly for bill A.10608. Associated votes are listed to the right of the members last name.