Assemblyman Fall Homeless Shelter Site Accountability Bill Passes the Assembly

Assemblyman Charles D. Fall (D-Richmond) worked diligently with central staff and his Assembly colleagues to pass (A.7820-A) which he introduced in 2019 and amended this year.

The legislation would require the Department of Homeless Services to conduct a public hearing to voice any potential concerns about a proposed homeless shelter site. Senator Diane Savino sponsored the legislation (S.7215-A) in the Senate and has made it a priority for its passage for executive action.

The bill originated when the City of New York approved a homeless shelter site located at 44 Victory Boulevard without seeking input from local elected officials and community members.

There has been resounding community concerns centered on transportation accessibility, schooling availability and public safety. A recent environmental impact study conducted at the site also revealed several environmental concerns with the property that must be remediated before it is suitable to safely house mostly women and children.

“I want to make it clear that the intent of my legislation is not to prevent homeless shelters from opening to assist women, children or men with appropriate housing.

This is about accountability and transparency when community leaders, elected officials and residents raise public safety, transportation and educational accessibility concerns with sites of homeless shelters. My legislation will require that a public hearing be held for residents who wish to voice their support or concerns,” said Assemblyman Charles D. Fall