Statement from Assemblyman Charles D. Fall on Spike of Gun Violence on the North Shore of Staten Island

In recent months there has been a citywide proliferation of gun violence throughout New York City, with the borough of Staten Island being impacted with 12 homicides as of August 23, 2020. According to data from the NYPD, shooting incidents have jumped approximately 87.3% citywide and doubled on Staten Island compared to 2019 figures.

Yesterday, a fifty-two-year-old woman was shot in the head in the lobby of a building on Park Hill Avenue in Clifton.  She remains in critical condition after the drive-by shooting. This is one of many incidents of gun violence that has taken place this summer and fall.

“We realize that there are many factors related to this spike, one being the social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in higher levels of anxiety, depression and rise in domestic violence. Another contributing factor is generational gang violence.

We need these senseless acts of violence to stop now. Along with my fellow state and local lawmakers, we need community activist and neighbors to step up and assist law enforcement in ending these acts. If you see something, you need to say something. I’m looking forward to working with community leaders, clergy, law enforcement and fellow elected in putting a stop to these violent undertakings,” said Assemblyman Charles D. Fall.