Lavine Bill to Protect Court Staff Included in Governor’s Proposed Budget

North Shore, New York – Amidst an increase in threats to judges and court employees, a bill sponsored by Assemblymember Charles Lavine (D-North Shore) aimed at protecting judges has been included in Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed 2025 budget. The “Judicial Security Act” (Bill #A5048A) safeguards federal, state, and local court officials and their immediate families by permitting them to enroll in the address confidentiality program. In addition, the bill would prevent public and private agencies from posting, sharing, or trading their personally identifiable information with others. The bill passed the Assembly towards the end of the last legislative session in June and is now pending in the Senate, where it is expected to pass as well.

“This bill will not only improve the safety and security of judges of the courts of the Unified Court System and of the federal courts sitting in the State of New York but that of other court personnel – and their families,” Lavine said. “As one who was privileged to practice law in both our state and federal courts, and as the chair of a respected legislative committee with authority over the courts, I am proud to sponsor this legislation. I believe an attack against any court employee is an attack against each of us who respect and honor the rule of law and justice and will not remain silent when judicial employees are threatened.”