Assemblymember Lavine Joins “March Against Anti-Semitism”

Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine was joined by colleagues in the state legislature, county legislator, neighbors, and religious leaders yesterday at the “March Against Anti-Semitism” in Mineola. Lavine is headlining the event alongside County Executive Laura Curran.

Assemblymember Lavine is the President of the National Association of Jewish Legislators and the topic of Anti-Semitism hits close to home for Assemblymember Lavine. Recently, the Nassau County Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center next to Lavine’s residence was painted with hate symbols. Lavine was one of the first on scene to assess the damage and publicly condemn these acts of aggression.

“Anti-Semitism is plague in our society and hate against any and all groups of people is a problem for our society” said Lavine. Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine has been working to end hate against all religious groups at the legislative level for years. His education bill, A08545 highlights the importance of introducing and educating the youth about hate symbols.

The education bill was proposed due to the recent surge of hate crimes in New York State and the nation. Assemblymember Lavine made it a mission to make hate symbol education compulsory for school children. Hate symbols are used to instill fear in communities and as of recent there have been too many hateful acts triggered towards the Jewish community.

Charles D. Lavine has been at the forefront of introducing bills and educating the population regarding hate in our community. He stands with the people of New York and today he marched with the people of New York. “There was a presence of hope at today's march. My colleagues and I are working hard to make sure that the streets of New York are safer for everyone,” said Lavine.