Lavine: Acknowledging Human Right Violations in China

Currently, the people of China are facing a massive human rights violation. While the Chinese government has been working hard to contain the virus, it has at the same time violated the human rights of its people. The Chinese government is punishing anyone who is reporting on the crisis and is forcibly dragging people out of their homes to contain the virus.

Chinese Authorities have gone so far as detaining and reprimanding doctors and caregivers for speaking with any media outlets regarding the accurate death toll and severity of the Coronavirus.

Freedom of speech is an essential feature of human rights. With the loss of their voice, the people of China are in mortal danger. In an attempt to keep the virus on lockdown, the Chinese government is shutting down media outlets and internet services. The people of China who have family or friends outside China are not able to communicate with their loved ones.

As Americans, we need to stand up for those who have been unfairly removed from their homes by government officials. No one should feel in danger in their own home.

Let's protect all peoples, especially those who do not have the voice to protect themselves.

The foundational human right to be able to speak freely transcends borders.

We are American. We are Black, Latino, Chinese, Indian, white, Brown and so much more. We cannot fail those who need our help.