Statement from Assemblymember Lavine Condemning the Actions of the Anti-vaxxer’s

Albany, New York Yesterday an Anti-vaccination organization protesting in Albany did their best to try to intimidate courageous pediatricians visiting our State Capitol. They followed the doctors into my office and conducted themselves like an unruly mob.

I want to thank the New York State Police for protecting the safety of the physicians and my staff.

It is ironic that the mob appeared within hours of our State Government authorizing $40 million spending to combat coronavirus.

During my interaction with the antivaxxer gang, they demanded to know why I had voted to end religious vaccination exemptions in New York. I answered that it was "Because I believe in science." This enraged the antivaxxers, with one screaming out, "Which science." My response, "There is only one science" further enraged them.

For more than three years, our people have been gravely endangered by the weaponization of the bizarre concept of "alternative facts." We now face a life and death challenge and we must stand ready to fight for the health and safety of our fellow citizens. Push has now come to shove. Our nation will perish if we fail to believe in science.