Statement to Yorktown News re: Israel

“There are no words to describe the devastation and anguish wrought by Hamas’s attack on Israel. I strongly condemn their actions. Nothing justifies violence against civilians, and all people deserve to live without fear of unprovoked violence. Many of those who share my Jewish heritage, or are themselves Holocaust survivors or children of survivors, as I am, are experiencing collective trauma right now. These attacks evoke strong memories of our recent history. My heart breaks for the hostages, for those who have died, for those who have lost loved ones, and for those who have been displaced and are living in fear as this conflict continues. It is all horrific.

As a people who have been persecuted for thousands of years, I know we can be strong in the face of this trauma. Israel has a right and a duty to defend itself, and I hope Israel can make wise decisions that minimize civilian casualties amid the growing conflict. 

Here in my district, I have been sharing resources from the State Department to help anyone who may be stuck abroad get back home. My office and I have also attended several security briefings convened by the Governor's office, which assures us there are no credible threats to our safety in New York related to this conflict. I am grateful for the work of our law enforcement officials, who have stepped up patrols around sensitive areas. We all need to work together to stay safe and rise above the ugly emotions these types of conflicts can engender, for our own sanity and for the safety and well-being of others.”