Assemblywoman Dana Levenberg Statement Regarding Congestion Pricing

Albany, NY State Assemblywoman Dana Levenberg has released the following statement today regarding congestion pricing:

"I represent an area of the Hudson Valley that is fairly well-served by public transportation into New York City. I have always encouraged my constituents to take Metro-North instead of driving whenever possible, and I will continue to do so, as it is the best option to avoid traffic and tolls and is better for the environment. I will also continue to push for funding for improved public transit infrastructure throughout the region, regardless of what happens with this particular plan. I was not in the Legislature when congestion pricing passed, but I implore the Governor now to strongly consider implementing it while working to address the concerns of those in areas like Rockland County that are not as well-served by public transit. Let's tap into our strength, flexibility and creativity to produce a better solution in this moment."