Gallahan Secures $25,000 For the Phelps Library

Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan (R,C-Manchester) is announcing that he has secured $25,000 in Bullet Aid funding for the Phelps Library and STEAM Lab Makerspace.Serving the Phelps community, this funding will allow the library to expand on their STEAM initiative which is focused on developing creativity and innovation through science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

“Our libraries are a vital part of our community.I am proud to support the Phelps Library with this $25,000 thousand-dollar grant.Executive Director Bish, the employees and the Library Board are committed to providing a valuable community resource and continuing to grow with the times and demand,” said Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan. “When we think of libraries, we often think of rows of books waiting to be checked out, but the Phelps Library is so much more.Their STEAM initiative is wildly impressive.Providing a chance for young people to foster and explore their interests that can lead to different career opportunities is a fantastic resource.I’m happy I am delivering the Phelps Library with this grant and look forward to working to ensure the library’s future success,” continued Gallahan.

“On behalf of the staff and patrons of the Phelps Library, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to Assemblyman Gallahan for this grant and his staunch advocacy for our libraries.We have all faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years and libraries are more important to their communities than ever before.This funding will provide us with the opportunity to expand our STEAM initiatives through new equipment and technology that serves everyone.We often find ourselves imagining new additions to our programs and STEAM Lab, but are unable to proceed with them due to costs.This grant changes that; I am so excited for the future and am humbled by the opportunity we've been provided,” said Phelps Library Executive Director Daniel Bish

“Since taking office, Assemblyman Gallahan has been an incredible champion for our libraries. We greatly appreciate his support as well as the funding he has secured for the Phelps Library,” said Ron Kirsop, Executive Director, OWWL Library System. 

“On behalf of the Phelps Library Board of Trustees, I would like to thank Mr. Gallahan for his continued support of the Phelps Library.We have worked hard to change the traditional perception of libraries by expanding the services and resources we offer to provide opportunities for our patrons via our STEAM initiative.The Bullet Aid secured by Mr. Gallahan will greatly assist in that process.We truly appreciate his assistance!” said David D. Benz, Board of Trustees President.