Gallahan: We’ve Heard This All Before

A Statement from Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan (R,C-Manchester) in response to Gov. Hochul’s State of the State Address on Jan. 9, 2024.

“While focusing on improving our education system, strengthening public school curriculums and properly addressing mental health issues in our children is a step in the right direction, we’ve heard this song and dance before during the governor’s 2023 State of the State address. After hearing nearly all the same promises again in 2024, I do not feel inspired—I feel concerned and angry for struggling New York families. It seems every year the same issues are addressed, yet year after year, we see the same issues continue to grow. Whether it’s crime, education, access to health care or affordability in our state, we are not seeing the improvements we should be. I am hopeful this legislative session my fellow Assembly Minority colleagues will join me in rolling up our sleeves and putting in the work to ensure we inspire and look after the hard-working people we represent.”