Gallahan: Dysfunctional Budget Process Has Led to A Reckless Final Budget

A Statement from Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan (R,C-Manchester) in response to the New York state budget passing after weeks-long delay.

“This year’s state budget is a failure, and I had no choice but to vote ‘no.’ While there were some positive items included in the budget that I advocated for, unfortunately, the negatives outweigh these by far. This year’s massive budget should have included more policies to protect New York citizens from crime, and protect our police and corrections officers from harm. Instead, it fails to properly address public safety issues.

“The governor and the Assembly Majority Conference’s strategies throughout the budget process have been dysfunctional, and their out-of-control spending has resulted in a record-breakingly bloated budget size that has increased 39% since 2018. This will only contribute to New York state’s continued economic decline. This is shameful, and New Yorkers will not tolerate it. I voted ‘no’ on this irresponsible state budget—it does not address New Yorkers’ needs.”