Gallahan Irate After Passage of Anti-Gun Bills

Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan (R,C-Manchester) is voicing his frustration following the passage of a series of bills that would violate the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers. Gallahan voted against every proposal. The bills would drive gun sellers and manufacturers out of the state by increasing their costs and opening them up to unpredictable lawsuits. One of the bills passed would make gun dealers and manufacturers liable for harm caused by guns they sell that could constitute a “public nuisance”, regardless of whether or not that harm would be foreseeable to a manufacturer or dealer (A.6762B).

“This bill will be the death knell for small gun dealers, and quite possibly anyone in the business of selling firearms here in New York state,” said Gallahan. “These bills aren’t anything but disingenuous attempts to strip away the rights of law-abiding people, because if they can’t make it illegal to own a gun, they’ll make it as impractical as possible to purchase one. This is a dark day not just for the sportsmen of our state and those in the shooting community, but for anyone who values the liberties granted to us by our constitution. If we do not defend all of our constitutional rights, we weaken the authority of the document entirely.”