Assemblywoman Buttenschon Applauds New Law to Accelerate Response to Downed Power Lines

Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon (D-C Utica/Rome) announced that legislation she co-sponsored to expand the authority for reporting downed power lines was recently signed into law (Ch. 673 of 2023).

“In recent years, New Yorkers have faced severe weather from frigid blizzards to flooding. We must take every possible measure to ensure that the hazards they leave in their wake are addressed quickly,” said Buttenschon. “Downed power lines are potentially lethal dangers that cannot be ignored. That’s why I helped pass a new law that empowers individuals to report instances of downed lines to electric and utility companies and receive a rapid response. I commend the governor for acting to protect the well-being of our neighbors by signing this bill into law. I will keep fighting hard to keep our communities safe.”

Previously, the 36-hour window that utility companies were required to secure a downed power line was only initiated when the hazard was reported by a municipal official, noted Buttenschon. Thanks to this measure, the response time will officially begin when anyone reports a downed line, ensuring a faster response during emergencies.