Assemblywoman Buttenschon: Bill Requiring Insurance to Cover Biomarker Testing Signed into Law

Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon (D–Utica/Rome) announced that legislation she co-sponsored requiring every state-regulated insurance plan, including Medicaid, to provide coverage for biomarker testing was signed into law (Ch. 754 of 2023).

“Requiring insurance to cover the cost of biomarker testing not only helps alleviate the financial burden for patients, but it also could be essential in saving their lives,” said Buttenschon. “By improving access to biomarker testing, we are prioritizing the health and well-being of these individuals and ensuring they receive the targeted care they need. I am thrilled that this groundbreaking legislation passed and will continue advocating for every individual to have access to the quality care they deserve.”

Biomarker testing is used to analyze the genes of a patient to determine which treatment would be best for them. It could be measured in blood, tissue, or bodily fluids. This test is essential in identifying accurate medical care, such as targeted therapies that can improve a patient’s survivorship and enhance their quality of life, noted Buttenschon.