Assemblywoman Buttenschon Needs Clarity of How Much Funding is Coming Upstate

"Yesterday, Governor Hochul unveiled her FY 2025 Executive Budget and offered more details on the priorities she outlined in her State of the State speech. While some parts of the budget she highlighted are encouraging, I need clarity on how much funding is coming upstate and to the 119th Assembly District.

“In the Governor’s budget, she proposed investments in public education, health care facilities, and to address mental illness. These investments sound great on paper, but we need to ensure that upstate New York reaps the benefits of these funds. Our public schools must receive, at minimum, the same aid as last year. In addition to ensuring the 14 public schools in my district receive the same amount of funding, I need clarity on what schools in my district will receive the $10 million in funds to train teachers in best practices for evidence-based literacy practices.

“With regards to mental health, an issue we are facing that is unique to the 119th district is the issue of youth dual diagnosis. There has been a disturbing increase over the years of children in need of mental health services because they have both mental illness and developmental/behavioral issues. It is inexcusable that we are letting our vulnerable children fall through the cracks. It is critical the $4.8 billion investment the Governor would like to make in our mental health system addresses this issue.  

"One of the most significant issues upstate faces is the state of our nursing homes. I was very disappointed that the Governor did not mention if she supports a 16% Medicaid rate increase and nursing home rebasing. Our nursing homes are at a breaking point; they remain significantly understaffed and underfunded, which results in seniors being denied the care they require. We need to ensure that we provide dignity and care to our seniors.

In addition, the correctional facilities in my district serve a vital role in public safety and inmate rehabilitation.  I do not support the closures of any of the facilities in my district. 

“Another issue I need clarity on is allowing our small businesses to thrive. The Governor largely focused on making investments in AI and Nano Technology but did not talk about how we can ease the burden our small businesses face. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community, and we must make sure they are not being hampered.

"In the coming months, I will work closely with my colleagues and the Governor to ensure our budget addresses the issues we face and provides the critical funding our upstate communities need. As your representative, I will always advocate for the needs of upstate New Yorkers.