Assemblywoman Buttenschon: Assembly Budget Proposal is Only a Starting Point for the Negotiations

“Today, in the Assembly we introduced and passed a resolution on the 24/25 budget proposal. This serves as a rebuttal to the Executive budget proposal and is a step in negotiating the final budget over the next two weeks. While I do not agree with everything outlined by the Assembly, it is important to review each topic carefully during these negotiations.

“A major concern I had with the executive proposal were the changes proposed to the state’s Foundation Aid formula. After fully funding our schools last year, the changes to the formula could result in 11 public schools in my district receiving budget cuts and further imposed mandates. The foundation aid formula must be reviewed and revised prior to making any adjustments, including maintaining the hold harmless provision. 

After reviewing input from my constituents, I feel the important issues below need to be further addressed in negotiations:

  • The reduction of funding for the Department of State Police
  • The exclusion of providing Office Cannabis Management with new enforcement authority
  • The inclusion of funding for the migrant crisis
  • Medicaid increase of only 3% for our nursing homes and medical providers
  • The rejection to classify EMS as an “essential service”
  • No increases for small business and landlords
  • Decrease in overall funding for our Veteran’s
  • Increase in tax formula

While I am disappointed with the lack of funding identified above, I have heard from those I represent and fought to:

  • Restore the Foundation Aid Hold Harmless Provision
  • Reject the proposal to close 5 DOCCS Facilities
  • Restoration of the much-needed CHIPS funding
  • Increasing the COLA to 3.2%
  • Increasing the in-person reimbursement rate for Early Intervention services by 11%
  • Increase in Library Aid
  • Increasing TAP and review of funding formula
  • Exclusion of the Affordable Gas Transition Act
  • Funding increase for prosecutions
  • Inclusion of STAR Tax Rebate
  • Increase in funding for Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) payments

"A few weeks ago, I co-hosted with my state fellow elected representative a press conference to highlight the Governor's proposed cuts to the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS). These cuts would be detrimental to our upstate infrastructure. Our highway superintendents need this funding.I am proud of the work they do and have worked to restore their funding. It is critical that our budget proposal does not include these harmful cuts and provides more infrastructure funding.

"Another concern I had was with the Governor's proposal to close prisons. Under no circumstances can I support the closure of any facilities in my district. They serve a vital role in maintaining public safety and inmate rehabilitation, as well as providing jobs for my constituents. I am proud that our Assembly proposal rejects authorizing the Governor to close up to five correctional facilities provided that 90 days’ notice is provided to the Legislature.

While I have highlighted some of the proposals, I will continue to listen to my constituents and bring their priorities forward.”