Norris: Budget Must Show Fiscal Restraint, Ease Burden On Taxpayers & Safeguard Lake Ontario Communities

A State from Assemblyman Mike Norris (R,I-Lockport)

With a multi-billion dollar deficit before us, the 2018-19 State Budget must show fiscal restraint while also addressing the number one concern of New York State taxpayers – exorbitant property taxes. New York state remains the highest taxed state in the nation, and this budget must alleviate the property tax burden on homeowners. The priorities of this budget should be evident, and atop that list should be reining in spending and getting our state’s fiscal house in order.

After speaking with residents and small business owners across my district, it is clear that cutting state spending, tackling property taxes, implementing broad-based tax cuts and allowing the private sector to produce and create jobs is imperative for economic growth.

We must also remain committed to the residents in communities along Lake Ontario’s south shore, and ensure that individuals and families receive much-needed relief and are able to rebuild their lives and homes. I will continue to fight for every dollar to make our community whole.