WNY Priorities Deserve Attention

While the governor spends time in Puerto Rico and is granting parolees voting rights (including convicted murders, rapists and drug dealers), I am concerned that the real problems of WNY with our dilapidated roads, lack of broadband, and growing skills gap, that is creating a stagnant economic climate, is not receiving the proper attention it deserves from our statewide leadership.

That’s why, on behalf of the residents of Western New York, I continue to speak up and advocate strongly for additional and immediate infrastructure improvements and fundamental change on how our economic and job training programs are being administered.

Here in Western New York, lawful and taxpaying citizens are struggling to make ends meet. Our children are commuting back and forth to school on roads that have been damaged by a severe winter and flooding and across bridges that have been deteriorated by time. Our water lines are a mess. Rural broadband remains elusive to too many and as one of the highest-taxed states in our great United States of America; it is shameful that our infrastructure in WNY is so poor.

Not only does this pose a public safety threat, but it also inhibits our regional and local economies – contradicting any progress being exhibited in our region to revitalize and create high paying, lasting jobs. Though I have fought hard to restore the governor’s funding cuts to our roads, schools and libraries as part of this year’s budget which happened, WNY residents deserve a much more comprehensive infrastructure improvement plan. I will keep the pressure on the Governor and legislative leaders to assure that these needs remain at the forefront.

I am proud to live and represent Western New York. Despite many challenges, we always pull together as a proud family. I could not have been more proud recently as many constituents donated personal care items for our first annual personal care drive. Through your support and generosity, over a thousand items, including soap, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorants, were collected and donated to those most in need in our community. Thank you so much to those who helped and I look forward to once again doing the drive next year.

Our community is about working hard, building up our families and pursuing the American Dream. Part of that dream involves celebrating life’s milestones and victories with those we love the most. It is my goal to help the public do more of that, and on that note, I would like to acknowledge the strength and determination of all the parents, and with Mother’s Day approaching, all the mothers in our district. Thank you for everything you do to raise healthy, happy and productive families, and I commend you for all the hard work and sacrifices you make to give your family the very best.

Please know, I am working hard every day for you and thinking of all the citizens of our district when I walk into the Assembly Chamber. I am fighting for you to give you all a better, safer and more affordable quality of life. As always, I welcome your input and suggestions and hope you will continue to share them with me online (Facebook or email me at norrism@nyassembly.gov) or call me at (716) 839-4690.