Palmesano Reacts To 2022 State Of The State

Statement by Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I-Corning)

“Gov. Hochul delivered the annual State of the State Address today.I hope for and expect more specific details about her agenda when she presents her Executive Budget proposal later this month. Unfortunately, many issues plaguing our communities were just glossed over or not mentioned at all. Prices are increasing on everything from gas to groceries, inflation is out of control, crime is going unchecked as people do not feel safe in their neighborhoods and mandates are being handed down unilaterally with no consultation or approval from the Legislature.

“My Minority Conference colleagues and I have introduced legislation that will directly address the issues we face. Our Inflation Relief and Consumer Assistance Plan (A.8481) would put hard-earned dollars back into your pockets by slashing sales taxes for two years. The plan would bring immediate relief at the pump, on grocery bills and home costs.

“Our Restore Order Anti-Crime initiative would keep violent criminals off the streets. Out-of-control ‘bail reform’ laws are putting offenders back on the streets where they are re-offending. We need to give judicial discretion back to our judges with respect to bail. The initiative also requires a unanimous vote from the parole board when considering early release.

“It is also imperative that legislation (A.7524A) be passed to provide a full, transparent and detailed true cost-benefit analysis of the Community Leadership and Climate Protection Act (CLCPA)to show the public–families, farmers, small businesses, manufacturers, etc. what it will actually cost them in dollars and cents before fully implementing theCLCPA.The public deserves to know the true financial impact implementation of the CLCPA will have upon them, their families, our businesses and the economy as a whole.

“In addition to this common-sense legislation, we must make sure federal funding is distributed evenly throughout the state. Infrastructure in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions must be given the same attention as infrastructure downstate, such as the MTA.

“We must also make sure we are fighting on behalf of our most vulnerable New Yorkers – individuals with developmental disabilities. The pandemic has hit this community especially hard and their care, services, quality of life and the direct-support professionals who care for them will continue to be a central focus of mine and must be a top priority for the Legislature this session.

“It is time that we work together to find common-sense solutions. New Yorkers are fleeing the state due to tax-and-spend policies, unchecked crime and unilateral mandates from the governor’s office. I am proud to offer solutions to these problems and hope the governor will work with us in a bipartisan manner for the benefit of all New Yorkers.”