Palmesano Reappointed as Assistant Minority Leader; Announces Committee Assignments For 2023-24

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C-Corning) was reappointed as Assistant Minority Leader of the Assembly Minority Conference for the 2023-24 Legislative Session. In addition to this role in leadership, Palmesano will serve as ranking Minority member on the Assembly Energy committee. He will also serve on the Corporations, Corrections, Insurance, Rules and Ways & Means committees.

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C-Pulaski) said: “I’m proud to once again appoint Phil Palmesano as Assistant Minority Leader of the Assembly Minority Conference. Phil has been a trusted, experienced voice for our Conference and well deserving of this leadership position. His work on several standing committees has been an important part in developing our agenda for 2023 and for bringing needed common sense to discussions around legislative proposals. The residents of the Assembly District have been well-served by Phil’s hard work and tenacity. I know that will continue this year.” 

“I want to thank Leader Barclay for his continued trust and confidence in me to serve as part of the leadership team in our growing Minority conference,” said Palmesano. “New Yorkers made it clear in the last election that they want more balance in our state government that has been dominated by one-party Majority control. We must work together to prioritize and address both the affordability and public safety crises plaguing our communities throughout the state in the upcoming 2023-23 Legislative Session.

“As the ranking Minority member on the Energy Committee, I will continue to sound the alarm on the Climate Action Council's, and now Governor Hochul's, plan that will force New York families and businesses to fully retrofit and electrify their homes and properties. The plan has failed to address both significant cost and reliability concerns that have been raised. It is estimated the plan will cost homeowners more than $35,000 in up-front costs to comply with this mandate. In addition, the plan will dramatically increase electricity demand and use, increase rates and put the reliability of our entire energy grid at risk. Rolling blackouts because of an overzealous climate agenda simply cannot be accepted. They will prove deadly during New York’s cold winters. This plan will just lead to a further exodus of New York families and businesses who simply cannot afford to live or operate in our state anymore. 

“Even Gov. Hochul addressed the continued exodus of New York residents during both her inaugural and State of the State address. It must be a legislative priority this year to stop this costly trend and actually advocate for and adopt policies that make our state a safer, more affordable and business-friendly destination before it is too late,” concluded Palmesano.