Palmesano Again Urging Gov. Cuomo’s Emergency Powers Be Removed

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I-Corning) joined his colleagues in the Senate and Assembly Minority Conferences to call, once again, for the governor’s emergency powers to be revoked.

“After numerous pleas and attempts to remove the governor’s expanded authority, it’s time for our Majority colleagues in the Senate and Assembly Majority to join us and act to finally rescind the governor’s emergency powers and restore checks and balances to our state government.”

“After the scathing nursing home report by Attorney General James that stated the Cuomo administration under-reported nursing home deaths by as much as 50 percent and the revelation that the Cuomo administration purposely withheld data from the Legislature, media and the public, enough is enough.Rescinding the Governor emergency powers is necessary but just a first step.It is also imperative that independent investigations be conducted by the Department of Justice and the NYS Attorney General’s Office to investigate for any wrongdoing and for the Legislature to conduct bi-partisan hearings using subpoena power to compel testimony.”

 “Governing by Executive Order has not worked and is certainly no longer needed.So I urge my colleagues to join us in taking this long, overdue and necessary step to restore legislative authority and remove the Governor’s emergency powers.”