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Assemblyman Will Barclay's Ethics Plan

Join Assemblyman Will Barclay for a Cup of Coffee and Conversation

Join Assemblyman Will Barclay for a Cup of Coffee and Conversation

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Ethics Reform

Donate Blood Save a Life

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Ethics Laws, Middle Class Tax Breaks, Energy Tax Breaks, Increased Penalties for Drug Abuse Among My Priorities for 2014

Session is in full swing. There are many pressing items that need to be addressed. Here are my legislative priorities for 2014: Ethics We need to clean up Albany and pass ethics reforms. I’m tired of the misconduct and unethical behavior. We started...

A Plan for More Jobs

Organ Donation Encouraged Online And With New Form

It wasn't too long ago that New York was ranked close to the bottom in terms of organ harvesting and donation rates. In 2010, a little over 2.7 million New Yorkers were registered organ donors. While that may sound like a high number, it was only about...

Common Core Raises Concerns

Common Core—the new academic standards adopted by 46 states intended to make students ready for college and careers—was put into motion for grades K-12 this school year. The State Board of Regents adopted Common Core in 2010 in part to secure more...

Re-Register for Your STAR Property Tax Savings

Restoring the Public Trust

Hire A Vet Tax Credit, Classroom Education, Mental Health Portal Among Law Changes For Veterans

Veteran’s Day is a time we honor our veterans and thank them for their service. We pause to reflect on their lives and appreciate how their sacrifices keep us safe and protect our country and our freedoms. I’ve always believed that New York State...

New Law, 'Safety Plan' App Aims to Help Those at Risk of Suicide

According to the most recent statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, death by suicide surpassed death by motor vehicle crashes in 2010. Suicide rates for adults, ages 35-64, increased by 28% since 1999. A report issued by...

New Law Reveals Complexity Of Synthetic Drug War; More Teeth Needed

News of synthetic drugs is making headlines again. The governor recently signed legislation which expands the chemical ban of 2012. This new ban targets drugs used to make bath salts and psychedelic drugs and adds them to the Schedule 1 controlled substance...

New York in Need of New Tax Policies that Move State Forward

A discussion about tax reform has started in Albany which I am glad to see take shape. Members of the State Senate Finance Committee have been holding hearings and asking the question – how do we improve our state’s tax policy? They have begun to...

2013 Session Review