Maher Rejects Netflix and Streaming Tax

Assemblyman Brian Maher (R,C-Walden) rejected the Assembly Majority’s proposal to extract an additional $67 million from taxpayers through a streaming and digital services surcharge.

“Gov. Hochul’s budget proposal was already bloated, but somehow Assembly Majority lawmakers thought it was worth tacking on an additional $6 billion in spending. They also proposed a $67 million tax on New Yorkers for their streaming services,” said Maher. “Nearly all New Yorkers use digital and streaming services, including those who are middle class and lower income. This kind of tax hurts them the most. Instead of nickeling and diming New Yorkers, why don’t we try to control wasteful spending to avoid petty taxation like this.”

The proposed tax, if enacted, would collect $67 million from New Yorkers and then $382 million over the following three years. Maher points out, however, the tax upstate residents would have to pay would predominantly be used to support the failing MTA by providing $45 million in funding in the first year. The tax would impact streaming services, audiobooks, apps, games, podcasts, satellite radio and other digitally delivered services.

“New Yorkers work very hard. At the end of the day, they deserve to relax with their favorite show without the excessive hand of taxation from New York on them,” said Maher.