Assemblyman Maher Announces Charitable Fund to Assist Orange County Residents Impacted by Recent Thousand Year Storm

Assemblyman Brian Maher (R,C-Walden) announced today, along with Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Elizabeth Rowley, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan, that residents and businesses who have been impacted by the recent storm that struck the Hudson Valley this past Sunday will be eligible for some relief through a newly established charitable fund appropriately named the William J. Larkin, Jr. Community Response Task Force. The Larkin Task Force is a charitable fund attached to the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan established by Assemblyman Maher and his team to specifically help communities going through an emergency. The recent thousand-year storm has caused millions of dollars in damage and has temporarily displaced countless Hudson Valley residents and businesses.

“This fund was established in Senator Larkins name to help people going through an emergency,” said Maher. “We know sometimes people fall through the cracks within our established support systems, despite the best efforts of both public and private institutions. We are coordinating with the county, the state, American Red Cross, local food banks, American Legions, representatives at the federal level and other key stakeholders and organizations to ensure residents understand and identify every resource available to them. We are all working together to help our neighbors and, as always, it has been inspiring to watch so many residents willing to help.”

“I have seen the devastating damage caused by the storm firsthand and will continue to work with our state and federal officials to advocate for Orange County residents. Funds provided by the William J. Larkin, Jr. Community Response Task Force will provide those impacted by the storm with additional relief during a great time of need. Senator Larkin’s long and well-respected career was highlighted by, among other things, his compassion. I know that he would be proud of this worthy endeavor,” said Neuhaus.

“The Community Foundation is continually inspired by the generosity of our community in times of crisis.We are proud to help facilitate the funding from the William J. Larkin, Jr Community Response Task Force to area residents and businesses and commend Assemblyman Maher and his team for making this possible,” said Rowley.

Residents and businesses will fill out the following online form to apply for assistance: William J. Larkin, Jr. Community Response Task Force .

Tax-exempt donations to support residents and businesses may be made here:William J. Larkin Jr. Community Response Task Force Fund | Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan.

Why was the William J. Larkin, Jr. Community Response Task Force formed?

During his time working for Senator Larkin, Assemblyman Maher interacted with countless residents and businesses that were going through an emergency. Help was needed quickly, and for a variety of reasons, there were roadblocks. The model being used to establish the Larkin Task Force stems from the TOMSTRONG Community Response Team. The TOMSTRONG Community Response Team, also a charitable fund attached to the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan and established by Maher and his team, was created during the COVID-19 Pandemic to help individuals and businesses that were going through tough times. At that time, Assemblyman Maher served as Supervisor of the Town of Montgomery. Large warehouses, individuals and community stakeholders donated to this charitable fund raising over $200,000, which was then used to assist more than forty local businesses and countless residents who needed immediate assistance. After the community recovered from the pandemic, the fund was used to assist residents who were impacted by storms, fires and other emergency situations.

When Maher was elected to the State Assembly last year, he and his team created the Larkin Task Force so they could continue to help people and businesses going through emergencies but this time it would not be limited to the Town of Montgomery. It is our hope that this fund will be in existence moving forward to assist Hudson Valley communities that are going through emergencies. For any questions related to the Larkin Task Force charitable fund, please email: