Maher Hopes to Collaborate on Key Issues

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Maher (R,C-Walden) on the 2024 State of the State speech.

“During today’s State of the State address, the governor spoke about major investments and policy changes related to housing, crime, mental health and early childhood education. While I have not yet seen the results New Yorkers are looking for on these issues as well as affordability, I will work with anyone from any party to see what type of meaningful difference we can make moving forward.

“I am particularly interested in the $275 million investment into Empire State AI Consortium that will allow our SUNY and CUNY community colleges and universities to participate in the advancements and applications related to Artificial Intelligence. Ultimately, I look forward to a more detailed report on the governor’s many initiatives so my colleagues and I can get to work for our constituents.”