Maher: Assembly One-House Budget doesn’t Fulfill New Yorkers’ Wish List

A Statement from Assemblyman Brian Maher (R,C-Walden) on the One-House Budget

“New Yorkers have been very vocal from the start about what they need from our lawmakers and what has been presented in the Assembly One-House Budget proposal misses the mark. Affordability and public safety have been at the forefront of every New Yorker's mind, yet we aren’t investing in critical solutions to address these problems. Spending an extra $13 billion and not addressing these issues as well as our roads and infrastructure which are falling apart, not properly supporting our human services staff and much more, is not acceptable. I am hopeful we can work together in a bipartisan fashion and figure out how to maximize our taxpayer dollars by targeting funds in the areas that need the most investment, while cutting unnecessary and out-of-control spending,” said Maher.